MetroPack along with Tapper Transport, Priority Logistics and Dairy Transport Logistics form the Coda Group

Coda Group is a joint venture between New Zealand’s leading freight gateway, Port of Tauranga, and freight and logistics company Kotahi. This JV amalgamates their complementary domestic logistics businesses, with the ambition to create leaner and efficient pathways between importers and exporters, freight hubs and key New Zealand ports. By combining infrastructure assets, technology, cargo volumes and service providers Coda Group provided a full suite of logistics management and operational services that span New Zealand’s road, rail and coastal shipping pathways.

MetroPack currently has operations at Neilson St and Savill Drive in South Auckland. MetroPack has grown as an export packing, cross-docking operation and storage business for an increasing range of products and customers.

What MetroPack offers:
  • A high quality service offering at competitive prices.
  • Ability to leverage the core business relationships of MetroPack to improve transport options (road or rail) to key export ports.
  • Expertise and familiarity with all dairy products.
  • Alternative or overflow container packing in a location with easy access to MetroPort.
  • MetroPack is MPI, RMP and NZFSA compliant.